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“Imagination is more important than knowledge. For knowledge is limited, whereas imagination embraces the entire world, stimulating progress, giving birth to evolution.”

Albert Einstein


Director:  François Descraques.    

Screenwriter:  François Descraques & Claire Le Luhern

Genre:  Thriller/Horror               Co-Producer Tigerfish / Davis Films


Tony, a popular leading figure on YouTube, thinks the “MisterPuppet” old video game everyone is talking about is just another ‘creepypasta’, an urban legend from the Dark Web.  

Ines, a medical student, has lost her own boyfriend when he threw himself out of a widow in front of her eyes, for no apparent reason… except that he played the mysterious game called “Mister Puppet”.  Ines meets Tony to find some clues. What if the game was jinxed by a mysterious spirit ?  Tony and Ines embark on a thrilling chase to get to the bottom of this, stop the online spreading of “MisterPuppet”, and prevent more teenagers death. 


Director: Bibi Naceri

Screenwriter: Bibi Naceri

Genre:  Comedy                Co-Producer Tigerfish


Let’s imagine for a second that Samy calls his old pal Fred to the rescue because he needs a helping hand to save his son, who is in some type of trouble on the other side of the country. How are people going to react when they bump into two stars on their journey? Fans… as much as those who hate Samy without knowing him? Will these people treat them as two actors who are buddies in real life, or as the legendary, insane duo known as “Daniel and Emilien”? How will Samy and Fred react once they are brought face to face with these people and their wild imagination? Will the characters of the heroes they portrayed resurface involuntarily? Maybe… Please meet Samy & Fred, actors and heroes of their own lives in a comedy that puts “the pedal to the metal.”…. SAMY & FRED #ZERO-TOLERANCE!

SamyFredZero tolerance.jpg

Director:  Blanca Li

Screenwriter:  Christian Lando, Gaston Hioux, Kelvin Ejuomah

Genre:  Comedy/Musical              Co-Producer Tigerfish


José is white, Christian is black. They are best friends in the world, even if José probably considers himself to be blacker than his own black friend. When the President of Congo nominates Christian as ‘Minister of Sapologie’ and asks him to unite all the “SAPEURS” and organize the first Black Fashion Week of Africa, Christian and José leave for an hilarious adventure and become the Black Brothers of the Sape!


Director:  Philippe Muyl

Screenwriter:  Carol Mitchell

Genre:  Romantic Comedy                Co-Producer BpM Productions / Transfilm International


ASHLEY, a pretty forty-something straight out of “Sex and The City”, heads a communication agency in New York. She is as sufficient as she is superficial,  and has a passion for stiletto shoes. Her delusions of grandeur dangerously put her agency on the verge of filing for bankruptcy. Despite the risk, she continues to operate according to her characteristic mode of action and seduces the Russian CEO of a high-end jewelry brand to obtain the budget of the last chance.

She finds herself catapulted in tailored suit and stiletto heels on a dream tropical island, to plan a jewelry line launch for her new client. Paradise is only very short lived! Everything goes from the frying pan into the fire in this country of ‘barbarians’, which works in slow motion and where nothing goes according to plan. Ashley discovers a world diametrically opposed to the one in which she evolves. A country anchored in ancestral rituals, where one appreciates simple pleasures, and whose motto is Carpe Diem!


Directors:  In talks

Screenwriter:  Carol Mitchell

Genre:  Comedy, Drama


INFINITE LOVE reveals the crossed destinies of three characters and highlights their individual way of apprehending the existential questions… life, death, faith, the after life…

Paul, an ‘eternal teenager’ full of life despite being in his eighties, is terminally ill with cancer.

His best friend Michelle, a forty-year-old writer, stays by his side during the last months of his life, while dwelling on the existential questions of life and death.

Helped in this fundamental quest by her friend Patrick — a zany character passionate about Albert Einstein and quantum physics — Michelle deepens her metaphysical research to realize it reveals strange similarities with quantum theories.


Infinite Love